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May-Day Playlist Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MayDay Playlist

Cowboy Copas

I was going to refrain from further comment on the elephant in the room that shall not be named but I can't now that Sen. Clinton's caporegime Terry McAuliffe has accused the Obama campaign of exploiting Clinton's battlefield promotion of Sirhan Sirhan to the rank of über delegate. The Washington Post reported it thusly:
"It's unfortunate -- a hyped-up press over Memorial Day weekend, the Obama campaign inflaming it, tried to take these words out of context," he [McAuliffe] said on "Fox News Sunday."

McAuliffe, a man so shady that he should be exiled to a polar ice-cap where he can do some good, is full of hogshit. The Obama campaign did what it always does when someone mentions the elephant -- it made it clear that it believes no one would ever intentionally discuss the elephant and then it changed the subject because obviously no one ever speaks of the elephant for one nanosecond longer than necessary. And so the Obama camp didn't hype up the press, Clinton did, with an oafishly insensitive and irresponsible remark -- and that's putting it generously.

Even after she again demonstrated a pathological inability to admit a mistake and then unequivocally apologize for it, it was best to just let this thing go. And I was going to, until McAuliffe went on FOX News to enlist the crackpot element to join him in denouncing Barack Obama for having been victimized by Mrs. Clinton's calloused tongue. First we let this colored fella run for office and then we're expected not to mention the obvious peril he faces simply by standing for election? Give 'em an inch! This also served to guarantee no lunatic was left unreminded of the elephant since FOX News is the official information source of the wing-nut drawer of the tool-chest.

Once the story began dominating news cycles, the Clinton camp, aided by its staunch supporters in Hillary's Alamo blogring, repackaged the whole mess as an unfair attack on Mrs. Clinton.
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There's just one problem with this-- it's fucking demented to suggest that Mrs. Clinton is the victim here. Barack Obama is the injured party in this incident. The inevitable Democratic nominee is now less safe because Hillary Clinton spooked the elephant that's currently trampling through our national living room. Worst of all, this happened just days after that hayseed goober Mike Hawkaloogie made his alleged joke from the speaker's bunker at the goddamned National Rifle Association convention. Mrs. Clinton knew of the bad Reverend's idiotic ad-lib, and of its ramifications, yet still went ahead and made her comment. That alone suggests that she has neither the tact nor brains required to handle the presidency. I speak for at least 70 percent of the country when I say we have had our limit of tactless, brainless presidents.

Sen. Clinton's comment in South Dakota was the equivalent of sending a test pilot an iPOD loaded with the catalogs of Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas, Otis Redding, The Bar-Kays, Rick Nelson, Jim Croce, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Denver, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Aaliyah -- and then, upon finding a few gigs of space remaining on the hard drive, throwing in copies of Knute Rockne /All-American and The Glenn Miller Story. Finally, when someone mentions the inappropriateness of this digital offering, coming out to apologize to Buddy Holly's family -- but only on a contingency basis.
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It's crazy, desperate stuff. Just as crazy and desperate as Sen. Clinton's veiled threats to tear the Democratic Party apart as an act of childish revenge against a nation that rejected her at the polls. We are way past the stage of enough being enough with this crap. This country is in dire circumstances. There is more to consider than the scuffed-up wish lists of some World War I baby boomers, who think it would be grand to see a woman elected president during their lifetimes. We now know that's simply not happening in 2008. So our revered matriarchs need to ask themselves if it isn't even more important to end two wars and prevent a third before military madness truncates their grandchildren's and great-grandchildren's lifetimes before even they have a chance to see a woman president?

Mrs. Clinton, a demonstrably failed candidate, is turning out to be an even worse loser. As such, she's keeping with the lowest and most patriarchal traditions of meatheads like John McCain and, yes, George W. Bush. The McCain/Bush plan in Iraq is simple: no matter what the cost, no matter how many millions suffer as a result -- NEVER admit defeat. In fact, never even admit a mistake. Sound familiar?

Hillary Clinton's candidacy has become what it should be resisting: a loutish, irrational impediment to what little hope we have.

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