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Roslyn Zinn Monday, May 19, 2008

I was greatly saddened to learn of the death of the wonderful artist Roslyn Zinn. Roz was a brilliant, talented, wise and generous woman who brought an incandescent love and beauty to all she met. Possessed of a rare presence that both soothed and inspired, Roz was the woman with whom Howard Zinn spent almost his entire adult life. Roz and Howard shared 64 years of marriage and countless remarkable friends and experiences. She was Howard's primary and most significant editor. On a personal note, Roz Zinn was boundlessly kind to me, offering spirited artistic encouragement and compassionate and sage advice precisely when such support was most needed. I know dozens of other people can say exactly the same thing.

Roz Zinn lived a full and amazing life and she will be missed all the more for it. I know a big part of why Howard will carry on spreading truth with loving optimism is because he is imbued with so much love from Roz.

My profound sympathy goes out to Roz's beloved Howard, their children, Myla and Jeff and their five grandchildren.

updated: 11 years ago