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Suicide-pieing Friday, May 16, 2008

After several months dominated by Democratic oratory, yesterday was a day for Republicans to speak up. Considering what they said, you have to hope it's several years before the party of the pachyderm again attracts notice.

George W. Bush (remember him?) speaking in Israel to the Knesset, finally managed to get some attention by fear-mongering about Nazis in the home of Holocaust survivors. Reporting on Bush's ascension to an ever-loftier height of hypocrisy, the Washington Post quoted our ambassador of ill will  
"Some seem to believe we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along," Bush told the Israeli lawmakers. "We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: 'Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is -- the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history."

Considering Bush's suspension of habeus corpus and shredding of the Bill of Rights; his infliction of torture; his employment of extraordinary rendition; his practice of spying on American citizens; his unprovoked invasion of a foreign land; his fomenting of hatred toward an ethnic group; and his work as a facilitator of wanton profiteering by heartless corporate behemoths, the man is already a living, breathing warning against fascism whether he conjures up images of Panzer divisions or not.  

Mr. Bush ought to be more respectful of his own heritage, which is blotted with forbears who didn't just appease Nazis, they fucking sided with them! Don't believe me? Well then as Dabyahoo would say, use the Google. Considering the clan's traitorous past, the Bushes are lucky that Jenna didn't get married at the family compound in Argentina.
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Yesterday Bush, who claims to favor the creation of a Palestinian state, was apparently advocating against negotiations between the Israeli government and Hamas, the democratically elected party leading the Palestinian territories. Hamas is in power because of an election Bush advocated. W has since made it clear that he only respects the good kind of elections -- the kind in which people freely choose exactly the candidates he wants them to chose. Which is why W was also commenting on the US elections and Barack Obama when he goosestepped into his own bullshit while lecturing Israelis about Nazis.

After the speech, American pundits were calling Bush's bellicosity a "veiled reference to Obama." Try as you might, you just can't slip anything past these crack analysts. Whether Bush was discussing Hamas or Iran or both, he was saying that you should never practice diplomacy with people regardless of how much mayhem you have visited upon their homelands. One of the best things Obama has advocated is a reintroduction of the concept that the first line of defense is diplomacy and discussions. Just because talking to Hitler didn't work out doesn't mean that diplomacy became foolhardy from that point forward. Without diplomacy there'd be no peace anywhere, which describes the alternate version of Imagine that must run through Bush's head. Even America's most reactionary leaders, the littlest prez included, have talked with their adversaries. (Do Libya or North Korea ring a bell, W?).

Bush's attempted backhand of Obama turned into a self-inflicted custard pie to his own smug kisser. His suicide-pieing took place as he stood dead center on the world stage. This is no surprise -- a gracious exit is not in the cards for George W. Bush. This petty and petulant man won't go down without a fright. He'll stomp and browbeat his way into the sewer of history, never once realizing that soon he won't be able to rig things so that he can plausibly deny, even to himself, the central role he has played in making life on this planet a nightmare for so many people (not to mention the animal kingdom). No amount of lying and belligerence can prevent his comeuppance. He is the worst president the USA has ever had, bar none. And is that ever saying a mouthful! In the future, those who study history will be bound to repeat themselves by warning against the likes of this shifty punk  because if we ever elect someone worse than this buffoon from the bottom of the Bush barrel, the so-called American Experiment will be written off once and for all as an abject failure.

The idea that this demonstrably inept and evil usurper-in chief thinks it's his place to warn us about someone else's qualifications to hold an office he's fouled beyond hope of any sort of effective fumigation, typifies his  presumptuous and duplicitous personality. Talk about the despot calling the kettle "Barack."
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If Senator Obama wins this fall, he'll just have to learn to live with Bush's lingering stench. If John McCain wins, he'll deserve every nostril-insulting waft of it. Whispering Johnny also spoke yesterday, in Ohio. The pre-qualified war criminal's speech was used to reveal a terminally myopic vision of what our nation will be in 2013, at the end of his first term of office (and of course, civilization as we know it.) I guess he figured he should chime in now rather than risk speaking later and reprising Charlton Heston's role in Bowling For Columbine. So McCain peered into his Romper Room looking glass and foretold a bright and prosperous future brought on by... winning the war in Iraq and perpetuating George W. Bush's tax breaks for zillionaires. Speaking to reporters afterwards, he endorsed Bush's fear-mongering about appeasement, mentioning his presumptive opponent by name. Come to think of it, dementia may already be setting in.

After watching both speeches, I spent the rest of the day mockingly repeating Bush's fear-mongering phrase "the false comfort of appeasement" while daydreaming about the true comfort of impeachment.

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