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Ain't gonna be your slave Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ain039t gonna be your slave
I know you're upset about Massachusetts and you're looking to lash out. Well you've come to the wrong place because I've got some lashing of my own to do.  

OK... I've had it with people who think political activism equals permanent servitude to a Democratic Party that demands we never say or do anything that's:

1- critical of Democrats

2- so much as a millimeter removed from their cowardly and lackluster script.

If you support such Democratic edicts, this is for you.

Let me start by repeating a basic point about leadership that many of you have heard from me again and again:
I do not need political direction from "leaders." Idiots need to be led. I need an elected government of public servants and not an unapproachable collection of regal entities who require me to base my life around their job security --especially at a time when no one's job is secure!

Glad-handing is out. Please don't attempt to defuse me with a phony smile and pap about about 'hanging in there' or 'half-full glasses' because this is about political latrines that have been overflowing for decades now and I am tired of hanging in there near them, especially because I know who lives on top of the hill and who lives at the bottom and in which direction shit rolls.

This next one is very important: please refrain from even hinting that by not blindly serving D's, I am mindlessly playing into the hands of Republicans. Such assertions are utter horseshit. Republicans must be dealt with harshly, like the enemies of the people they are. This is done by hitting them very hard from the left. It is impossible to do this when you cohabit the payrolls of every slimy influence peddler in Washington with them. Want to fight Repubs? Unleash your party from the shackles of scumbag corporate interests that the R's naturally represent.And stop pretending that I am somehow closer to them because I point out this truth.

Let's talk about the president. Whenever I criticize Barack Obama, I'm immediately admonished by the self-proclaimed and self-celebrated 'politically active' for not giving a guy a chance who has been handed an impossible task.

Nonsense. He has been in the most powerful office in the world for a year now. That's a pretty good chance and he has used it to do lots of stuff. Much of it has nothing to do with anything in which I believe. For instance, Obama didn't have to insanely escalate the hopeless war in Afghanistan. And he could have put us a lot better position in the world had he moved much more decisively to get us out of Iraq -- where there was NEVER a reason to be in the first place. The resources wasted on limp-dicked military machismo could have gone a long way toward improving things at home and abroad and saved a lot of lives in the process. As a result, he would have had a better year and we would have had a better one, too.
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The president didn't have to allow the pigs who sunk this nation's economic ship to be the first and nearly only ones pulled onto taxpayer-supplied lifeboats. But he did and that money is gone but our debt for it remains as we cling to the flotsam and jetsam of our way of life.

Obama sure didn't have to fashion an idiotic health care plan that would create an enormous windfall profit for the very racket that has X'ed out human life as any sort of consideration on an obscenely crooked bottom line. But he did and the issue on which he chose to stake his political future has fizzled. This isn't my fault.

Our only hope to find our way out of our dilemmas is to summon courage and stand for what's right. I promise you this plan won't be endorsed by the party of donkeys. It is a collection of braying Barney Fifes. Everything scares them.

Dems are cowardly about military issues because they fear what McCarthyistic pukes will say about them. Thus the war escalation and the continued ultra-wasteful engorgement of the Pentagon.

Because they are terrified of Red-baiting, Democrats duck and cover at any mention of the socialism that works so well in so many other nations. Because of this they dogmatically proclaim their devotion to the mythology of an allegedly free market that nonetheless requires lives of crushing poverty from paupers from Detroit to Delhi.

If we'd summon the courage necessary to realize that America's truncation of the left is the reason we find ourselves stuck either heading nowhere or further to the right, hope might become more than a campaign promise. But repeatedly, rather than do what's right and ethical, Democrats cave in and hide behind the flag, conscience-free enterprise and any camo that happens to be handy. Then, if you criticize them in a rational fashion, they label you as the "loony left." In other words, they come at you in true Tailgunner Joe fashion. Pitiful.

I do not wake each day and think about how I can further Barack Obama's political agenda. It only matters to me when it harms people I care for, like the hundreds (thousands?) of innocents massacred by remote control by dorks with joysticks who eliminate life as if it' were an obstacle between them and getting their names on the high-scorer list of a video game. I despise the politicians who run this satanic arcade. This means Barack Obama, who operates the ultimate agony-inflicting joystick.
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And I've had it with the president and his party's inability to recognize that real wages for real working people in this country have been shriveling for GENERATIONS and that's what's wrong with the economy! But you'll never hear this from our supposedly liberal heroes because a country that has no political left has no one who will speak for and and help organize the poor folks-- except of course, as unquestioning, unpaid servants to the great cause of worshiping millionaire politicians.

From now on I'm working for the reestablishment of the kind of very reasonable and viable leftism that held FDR's feet to the fire all those years ago. Contrary to popular opinion, the patrician prez's wheelchair didn't list to the left, it had to be pushed that way. Because it was, he ended up being remembered as a 'leader' who established crucial protections for the little folks. That same kind of credit is available to the next president who is responsive to an informed and active electorate that demands service instead of providing it.

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