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Mass Defection? Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mass Defection

Mass Dems: This is who you have to outsmart today -- Patroits! Fucking Patroits!! Are you up to the challenge?

Photo of actual sign not five miles from my home. (photo: Barry Crimmins)

Genuine respect for the sincerity and wisdom of some of my friends who have all but restarted the doomsday clock notwithstanding, I don't feel that much is hinging on today's Massachusetts senatorial election.

The lofty agenda that was rhetorically promised by our new president, arrived stillborn. Therefore the idea that his presidency is at stake is rather overstated. There was a real opportunity for change last year but that moment has pretty much passed. Barack Obama had a chance to take billions to rebuild the infrastructure, protect and repair the environment, revitalize our cities and towns, and create jobs that would have meant paychecks for workers and not dividends for fat cats. Instead, Wall Street and the banks were the first to be bailed out because they were "too big to fail." Apparently the people were too small to be considered.

A tidal wave of money for the military industrial complex has only swelled. In the process, a genuine chance to repair this country's well-earned horrible image abroad has been pissed away. A chance to re-purpose our resources is gone, too. Wars rage on and on -- and it's so much for those Obama stickers with the peace signs.

Finally, the mandate to reward the uber villain health insurance companies, in drag as reform (and reform that won't even begin to kick in for four years, long after tens of thousands of preventable deaths), is perhaps the largest insult looming on a murky political horizon. So I don't really feel much is at stake today except that it would embolden fascist media demagogues were the male model to win in the suddenly-at-Bay State. Those awful squawkers would be quick to claim parenthood of a victory by the lint-headed pretty boy. Should that happen, just remember that assholes have a perfect right to celebrate being assholes. And you have a perfect right to remain out of earshot of their hatefully inane squealing.
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Look at all Bush 'accomplished' without a super majority and then ask: why are we supposed to be so scared? Worst case scenario the Dems will still have 59 votes in the Senate (or a few less if Lieberman and a few other pieces of shit formally defect to the R's.) No matter what, how about standing and fighting? How about taking a case to the people that truly benefits the people? A case for peace, environmental sanity, economic justice and health care as a human right? In fact, how about advocating single payer health care like they have in the rest of the goddamned world?

Enough of us are hurting badly enough to listen to some pretty moderate, but radical-by-American-standards, ideas. Empty pockets open ears. So how about our smooth talking president using his considerable powers of persuasion for something other than trying to reconcile with a bunch of right-wing zealots who hate him for being black and having a funny name? How about reconciling with the rest of us instead?

Until that happens, here's the closest I can come to an endorsement in the Massachusetts special election to fill Ted Kennedy's seat (and certainly not his shoes). Vote for Coakley or the Dems will have yet another excuse for failing us.

And by the way, don't let the media tell you who won this election before it's even held. You want Coakley to win, get every voter  who will never vote for the Gluttonous Old Pigs to the polls. Get out and work hard all day and don't allow one voter you trust to fail to vote and by late tonight, we'll be right where we started this morning. I guess that's what serves as progress these days.

And while I'm warning you what not to do-- if Coakley loses, it will because she was a dogshit candidate cynically chosen by Dems because she had the biggest campaign vault. It will also be because she ran as a member of a party that really let us down over the past year. It will not be because the "far left" (or whatever other left-baiting pejorative someone chooses to scapegoat) still maintains the right to say "shit" when it has a life-ful. Blame us for this five-star clusterfuck and we will hunt you down like the McCarthyistic vermin that you are. So lean rightward, strike preemptively and just get out the damned vote so we can avoid such ugliness.
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