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Drone Destroyed, Pentagon Dodges Bullet Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Drone Destroyed Pentagon Dodges Bullet
What better way to celebrate Veterans Day than to awake to news that a criminally insane former soldier has been executed for carrying out psychotic assignments, much better left to a drone?

Johnny Muhammad, the infamous D.C. Sniper, was as deranged as the policies that sent him halfway across the globe, only to return without his humanity. The government was left with no choice but to put him down. And so this demonstrably mentally ill man will spend Veterans Day in a casket rather than a hospital. He'll be met in death by thousands of other vets who took quieter routes to the grave, committing suicide in various ways, at varying speeds, because they could never again fit into a society that refused to see what was being done in its name.

Muhammad died reviled and despised, just as the USA itself is reviled and despised in so many lands where the murder of innocents seems to Americans, who even bother to consider such such things, as nothing more than a necessary byproduct of the efficient infliction of a long-range plan. Nevertheless, the plan is both crazy and doomed to failure. It drains our country of vital resources urgently needed to sustain life. It mass produces righteously indignant enemies all over the globe. It visits brutality upon our own people as we exist as, and among, those who have lived to almost never talk about it.

And so Mr. Muhammad was put to death as the perfectly secret embodiment of what Veterans Day is not allowed to represent. His soul rotted away after he had participated in the infliction of violence upon nearly defenseless people. When he came home, he saw no reason to abandon what he had learned as a soldier.

To acknowledge that he had caught something contagious while serving his martial cog-ship could compromise the biggest military secret of all: that this country continues to aggrandize its soldiers as the best and brightest so as to place them beyond reasonable analysis. Once they are free of such scrutiny, our nation's hatefully crazed foreign policy can be carried out behind a camouflage-draped human shield of our brothers and sisters who are sent off to inflict inhuman madness and then live with what they have done for as long as they can take it.

Happy Holiday!

updated: 9 years ago