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Take the Money Enron, Straight to Hell! Monday, January 14, 2002

by Barry Crimmins copyright 2002


Tom Cole, former chief of staff of the Republican Party, speaking of the Take the Money Enron scandal to the New York Times said, "... particularly in the wake of Sept. 11, this stuff seems pretty trivial."

Let me get this straight.

Enron forced its employees to put all of their pension moneys into its obscenely over-valued stock. At Enron if you wanted a pension, you invested your funds back into the company or you had no pension.

The stock's price shot falsely high because of Enron management's fraudulent practices.

So the workers were forced to buy stock for $80 per share that is now bringing in close to 30 per share.

Enron was central in the rip-off of anyone who paid for electricity in California during a price-gouging scandal that forced many businesses to fold and made many families have to choose between food or electricity.

Then there are all the non-Enron employees who invested all or some of their life savings in the now worthless certificates. Thank goodness the Bushies have been unable to privatize Social Security because you just know a lot of those funds would have been looted in this scam.

Crooked Enron management cashed in its stock when it was at or near its highest price, eventually causing the largest bankruptcy in history. Insider Betrading!

The same management has had unbelievably special access to the court-appointed Bush Administration because of how much money it contributed to its theft of the Oval Office. Its ties to Dubyahoo go back to 1988.

W calls Enron's chief finagling officer Ken Lay, "Kenny Boy." Sort of smacks of familiarity, wouldn't you say?

The Court-appointed Bush Administration knew this was coming and did nothing to protect or warn victims.

Not only that, the White House is brimming with people who were directly connected to the criminals at Enron. These officials either had lucrative financial ties or had worked for the corruptoration (